08/07/2011 14:18



judge: Mr. Vlastislav Vojtek (SK)


Afinity Blue Passion     young class       EXCELLENT (9)              27females in the class

Afinity competed in a young class with 27 females in the class and was chosen between 10 final females. (finished as 9th)  It´s a high appreciation!

 Z cekového počt 27 mladých fen byla Afinity vybrána do užšího výběru 10 nej fen, kde skončila jako devátá se známkou VÝBORNÁ! Super úspěch.


 Inspite of that we had very nice results,  our trip to Paris was not without complications and I had to say we had a really bad luck with WDS organizers. First of all we didn´t receive the entry confirmation and parking ticket. Inspite of that everything has been sent and paid since the beginning of March. Many friends were receiving the document almost really a few days before the show so I stayed calm . But I was calm untill the Sunday 3rd when I found on WDS website the list of exhibitors (why didn´t they published it earlier?) and I also found we were missing in the list of exhibitors! I was shocked, we were 2 days before the trip to Paris and didn´t know what to do? Stay at home or left and travel 1200km? I sent e-mails to every sides becouse no phone number was published to organizers, but no reply. On Tuesday 5th I received some unclear reply from some lady, everything of course in French language. Thanks to Liana Marechal (the Passionate Pilgrim greyhounds France) for her huge help and support and her translating becouse without her I really couldn´t do nothing. The lady answered my questions given in English very reluctantly and  only in French, so I was really lost. After the poor unclear reply that Afinity "should be" entered we decided to go. I printed all the poor emails from that lady, all the documents with payment and entry and was ready to everything and decided that Afinity will enter the ring in every case. The hotel was already paid without no chances for compenansations and we were looking for seeing Paris!

On Friday 8th July morning - the day of the show was really stressfull according I expected.

Nobody from organizers was speaking English, or if yes, you couldn´t expect any hot willingnes. Really a few people were helpful, mainly from exhibitors. Only once a french exhibitor (middle aged man ) was very helpful and  was translating for me from English to French in the entrance.

After we entered the hall I wanted a cataloque but they told me they will not give me the cataloque untill I will have a confirmation from the show office. "OK, but where can I find a show office?" I asked. The area was really very huge and I strayed. 30 minutes to the judging, I didn´t find the office, we didn´t find the ring and Afinity was not groomed. I was collapsed. I came back to the place with cataloques, grabed the lady´s hand and told her she will go with me to the show office. She had to be really frightened:-)

Great, after we found a show office we waited in a long que.10 minutes to judging. My nerves were in so huge tension that I thought I will collapse. Fortunately I got the confirmation and the ring number. Afinity was not in the main cataloque and she was given only to the adition print of the cataloque which consists of 10 pages of dogs of various breeds. As I found nobody got this aditition printed cataloque so nobody knows we were there. The ridiculous was the fact that I didn´t got the cataloque. After I came back to get it, there were nobody and cataloques were only for sale. I refused to pay for something which I had already paid before.  So,  I paid so huge money didn´t get cataloque, only the printed edition and they were not able to give the printed adition to the others?

I must say it was a really a very bad experience with show organizers. I know, everybody can make mistake, but no word of apologize, almost nobody except a few people were helpful or willing to speak other language than French.

Fortunately Afinity did a great work. I thought she must be nervous from my stress which I had before, but she was great. She had one of her best ring presentations and I was absolutely happy that we were competing between 10 final females. from 27th! We finished as 9th from that 10th with excellent and this was my satisfaction for so stresfull afternoon which we finished with good wine and dinner.